Jordan-Wigner Transformation and Qubits with Nontrivial Exchange Rule
(Стр. 23-28)

Подробнее об авторах
Vlasov Alexander Yu.
P.V. Ramzaev Research Institute of Radiation Hygiene
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
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Well-known (spinless) fermionic qubits may need more subtle consideration in comparison with usual (spinful) fermions. Taking into account a model with local fermionic modes, formally only the ’occupied’ states |1〉 could be relevant for antisymmetry with respect to particles interchange, but ‘vacuum’ state |0〉 is not. Introduction of exchange rule for such fermionic qubits indexed by some ‘positions’ may look questionable due to general super-selection principle. However, a consistent algebraic construction of such ‘super-indexed’ qubits is presented in this work. Considered method has some relation with construction of super-spaces, but it has some differences with standard definition of supersymmety sometimes used for generalizations of qubit model.
Образец цитирования:
V DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2021-8-3-23-28
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